Welcome to Biggs Corp

Biggs Corp. is a fast-growing holding company full of many great companies- ranging from construction, custom t-shirts, marketing, custom interior barn doors, and so much more! We are working hard to provide competitive pricing for our community!

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Biggs Corp Companies

Biggs Corp. is a holding company located in Ozark, AR that owns all of the companies listed.
We are so excited to introduce you to each company and serve our community in any and every way we can.

Blueprint Construction

We been proudly serving the River Valley since 2015.

Banana Moon

We aim to provide custom items to build your business, personal brand or everyday life. 

Inception Marketing

 We take care of the content and branding, making all your social media platforms looking nice and professional.


We ensure a safe, clean environment our professional staff uses all natural Melaleuca products.


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